For this week’s Build N Share challenge we had to build a lot for Colonel Fearful.

Details of challenge here:

Below is my Entry šŸ˜€

Colonel Fearful’s – Mummy Proofed

The entrance stairs, leads to the everlasting Walkway. By the time any mummy has got through all that lot, Colonel Fearful will have worked out a plan. In the second everlasting walkway block, there is a doored room, with hole to the water below, should Fearful and his followers have to make an escape. Upstairs in the living area, is a communal kitchen, dining and living area, with some communal restrooms. In the hallway to the stairs, there is a storage area with highchairs and potty (should they be needed for any young ones). Upstairs is the communal bedroom, with male and female shower rooms. Colonel Fearful has been giving his own room with communication computer, should he need to contact anyway. Upstairs from the bedroom is the open roof area with fitness machines, slide for little ones and vegetable garden and barbecue area, should they lose electricity in the kitchen below. There are also lookout telescopes. There is no vehicles on this lot, just some bikes by the entrance, as should fearful or any of his followers have to make a trip out for supplies, they will need to do it quietly. For the interior I have gone for a clean stainless steel effect. Something that can be easily kept sterile from any viruses that might be looming.

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