Back when Gnomelandia was being completed for one of the early build n share’s by many of the members of this community. I was asked by Addict to create my interpretation of Earth Mother (which was one of my first creations to be featured). That in turn, started some more ideas for other sims around a mythical/fantasy them.

Well I have decided to extend on those creations, as it is definately one of the subjects I enjoy, mainly from my like of all the fantasy type films/books such as Lord of the Rings and Labyrith or the Enid Blyton books I read as a child.

First I will be reuploading some of my original sims I created with a few tweaks (and removing the old ones) and then I hope to have some new creations for you too, as well as some abodes for them to live in .

The first set to be uploaded will be the Dagwood family. I am also currently working on their home and omg what a few headaches that has given me. I will explain why when I upload the house.